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After the Storm: Getting Help with Your Repairs and Remodeling Work

May 12, 2009 – (RealEstateRama) — Stormy weather is a frequent event in Alabama this time of year, and tornadoes, strong winds, and flooding can cause major damage to your home. Whether you have minor repairs or major remodeling work to be done, follow these guidelines for hiring a professional to help your home recover from storm damage.

• Seek referrals from friends, family, neighbors and coworkers who have had remodeling work done and ask them if they would hire the remodeler again.

• Contact local trade associations such as the Home Builders Association of Alabama.

• Check with the Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board and local building inspectors to verify the remodeler has the appropriate license(s).

• When you begin to interview a remodeler, keep in mind that you are buying a service rather than a product. The quality of service the remodeler provides will determine the quality of the finished project and your satisfaction with it. Take a look at the remodeler’s business and management experience.

• Does the remodeler have a trustworthy reputation in the community, with previous customers and with local building supply companies?

• Does the remodeler carry insurance that protects you from claims arising from property damage or jobsite injuries?

• Is the remodeler an active participant in a trade organization such as the Remodelers Council of the Home Builders Association of Alabama? Membership in the Remodelers Council indicates a remodeler’s commitment to professional-quality construction that meets or exceeds industry standards and practices.

• Is the remodeler accredited in a certification program such as the Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR) program? Remodelers bearing the CGR credentials indicate that they have met a prescribed set of educational requirements and follow a strict code of business and professional ethics. In addition to business and management experience, look at the remodeler’s construction and technical expertise, customer service and communication skills.

• Does the remodeler have a working knowledge of the many types of homes in your area?

• Does the remodeler offer an array of options for your project thus demonstrating a knowledge of and experience with a variety of products, materials and techniques?

• Does the remodeler listen to you and understand your needs and wants with the project?

• Will the remodeler provide you with scheduled updates so that you can make appropriate decisions and prepare for any inconveniences?

Finding a remodeler who is right for you is not as simple as picking up the yellow pages of your phone book. It takes time to interview and select a contractor who will best suit your needs and the needs of your project. To find a professional remodeler in your area, contact your local Home Builders Association.

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